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   The common perception is that Population Census is simply a head count of the people of the country. This it is. But it is much more than that. It is an exercise to collect reliable data on essential characteristics, such as, population, economy activity, social and cultural aspects, migration and demography and present them at the lowest administrative level. The Census data demonstrates where the nation is positioned at a particular point in respect of various social and economic characteristics in the world. The population census is also termed as the “snapshot”, as it provides details of the country’s socio-economic and demographic characteristics. The ten yearly census data is very useful for planning for future.

    The Census 2001 has been exceptional in more than one way. The foremost thing about this census has been that all tabulations are based on 100% count which is unlike previous censuses when sampling was resorted to. The use of intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology has made it possible. Besides this is first census of the 21st century and the new millennium. Therefore, Census 2001 results will become the benchmark for future censuses. The data on economic indicators and, in particular, the structure of the workforce shall help in measuring the effect of the structural changes taking place in the economy since its deregularization and decontrol.

   The following pages of the publication provide highlights from the results of Census 2001 and other useful information for familiarizing the users about the vast array of data collected and published In Census. A catalogue of select data products (e.g., books, CDs, maps, data sheets, etc.) is also provided, which will give an idea information being made available by the Census. Details about the new facility being extended by the census organization for giving customized tables and maps based on user’s requirement, are also given.

   It is hoped that this publication will help to help to reach the basic results of Census 2001 including the catalogue of publications and the services offered by the organization to regular data users and encourage them to use census data, be it for satisfaction of curiosity or serious research.


New Delhi
1st December 2005

Devender Kumar Sikri
Register General &
Census Commissioner, India