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Data Item Collected In Census

Data Item Collected In Census

  House listing Operations

  • Use of the census houses
  • Condition of census houses used as residence
  • Predominant material of the roof, wall and floor or the census houses
  • Type of structure of census houses
  • Number of dwelling rooms
  • Ownership status of the house
  • Number of married couples and whether they have independent sleeping rooms
  • Source of drinking water (e.g., Tap; Hand pump; Tube well; Well; Tank; Pond River;
    canal; Spring; Other) and its location
  • Source of lighting ( e.g., Electricity; kerosene; Solar energy; Other oil, Any other; No lighting)
  • Availability of bathroom, type of latrine and type of drainage for waste water
  • Availability of separate kitchen and type of fuel used for cooing (e.g., Firewood; Crop residue;
    Cow dung cake; Coal, Lignite, Charcoal; kerosene; LPG; Electricity; Biogas; Other)
  • Availing of banking services and availability of the specified assets (e.g., Radio, Transistor;
    Television; Bicycle; Motor Cycle, Moped; Car, Jeep, Van; None of these


Population Enumeration
For each member of the household :


  • Relation to head of the household
  • Sex
  • Age at last birth day
  • Current marital status
  • Age at marriage
  • Religion
  • Name of Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe
  • Mother tongue
  • Other languages Known
  • Highest educational level attained
  • If attending educational institution
  • Disability status
  • Worker / non –worker
  • Main Worker / Marginal Worker
  • Economic activity of the main or marginal worker
  • Non –economic activity of Marginal worker and non –worker
  • Marginal worker or non-worker – seeking / available for work
  • Distance and mode of travel to place of work
  • Place of Birth
  • Place of last residence
  • Duration of residence at place of enumeration
  • Reason for migration
  • For ever married women
    1. Number of children ever born
    2. Number of children surviving
  • For currently married women
    1. Births during previous year
  • For the cultivation households
    1. Area of land cultivated
    2. Tenancy status