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Data Dissemination Unit

Activities undertaken at Data Dissemination Unit:

The Data Dissemination Unit in the Office of the Registrar General, India is responsible for the dissemination of decennial Census Results for use by the fraternity of census data users in the country and abroad. They include users from Government Departments, Universities, National and International Organizations, Private and Public Enterprises, Individual Research Scholars and other users.

2. According to Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses published by the United Nations, ‘A census is not complete until the information collected is made available to potential users in a form suited to their needs. The information may be included in published tables and reports for general distribution, produced as tables in unpublished form for limited distribution or stored in a database and supplied upon request, or disseminated on-line (in this case it will be available only to connected population)’.

3. The objective of the above Recommendations is achieved in India by disseminating the census data to the ever-growing number of data users using all available modes. These include printed reports and tables, data in CD and as free download at the Census of India website. For this purpose data dissemination centers have been set up in all the State Capitals in the Census Directorates (except Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu) serving as hubs of dissemination activities. The information hubs thus established in all the Census Directorates in States and Union Territories make available data to the users up to the Village or Ward-in-Town level. Such datasets help local governments in taking informed decisions in developing programmes for the welfare of the people. With the growing popularity of the computing facility and communication facility the demand and use of census data has increased substantially.

4. Census of India website has been modified providing larger volume of data for free download. Summary Data at Country, State and District levels have been provided for use. One important part of the census website relates to GIS application which extends the facility of generating thematic maps based on 2001 Census data.

5. An intranet facility has also been established with in the organization for faster flow of census data and other information across the country serving the data users located in different parts of the country and outside. Various innovative programs have been initiated to sensitize data users about availability and use of census data. New data products in the form of booklets, CDs, Data Sheets, etc. have been published.

6. A special project has been taken up for establishing Workstation for research on micro-data from 2001 Census at Jawaharlal Nehru University, where researchers would be permitted to use the 2001 individual record level data for tabulation and research under the strict supervision of the faculty members. Name of the individual and other sensitive fields will be anonymised to protect the confidentiality. No researcher will be allowed to take the micro-data out from the Workstation