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Census Division

Census Division is responsible for conduct of Census Operations once in tne years under the legal authority of the Census Act, 1948 and the Census (Amendment) Act, 1993. The Directors of Census operations co-ordinate the work of census taking in the respective States/Union Territories. The last decennial population Census of India was during 9th–28th February 2001 with a revisional round during 1st-5th March, 2001.

All matters relating to Census including planning, pre-testing of questions/ schedules, conduct of census, tabulation from census data and its dissemination are dealt with in this Division.

The population census in India is conducted once in ten years. The Census of India 2011 will be fifteenth census in the continuous series from 1872, the seventh after independence and the second census of the third millennium. The work relating to the 2011 census has already commenced.

The Census Operations in India have been carried out in two phases; i) Houselisting and Housing Census and ii) Population Enumeration. During Houselisting and Housing Census phase, buildings and structures, residential, partly residential or non-residential are identified and listed systematically. This helps to prepare a complete and unambiguous frame for the Population Enumeration. Housing Census in India provides statistics on housing stock, availability of basic amenities in each household and condition of human settlements. This information helps in assessment of housing deficit, besides overall quality of dwellings and people living therein. The Population Enumeration follows the Housing Census within a gap of six to eight months which counts each and every person in the country, Indian national or otherwise, along with her/his individual particulars and information on social, cultural, demographic, economic and other aspects.

Planning of various phases of the census involve choosing among several alternative procedures. It has been the practice to undertake pre-test of census schedules about two years prior to the conduct of the census.

Based on the experience of data capturing and data processing in 2001 census using the Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology, action has been initiated to scout the latest innovations in ICR for achieving higher degree of efficiency in capturing and processing of data. For direct data capture in the field, specifications of handheld devices have been finalised. The other technical details along with the potential for their adaptation in the fields are being studied.