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EDP circulars

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   EDP  Circular No.-15
    Dated : December 17, 2013
   Launching of EFLOW Phase-III for CAC of NCO/NIC & Migration
   EDP  Circular No.-14
    Dated : January 17, 2014
   Deployment of outsourced manpower for Household Project - CAC Phase-II
   ANNEXURE ‘C’ and ‘D’
   EDP  Circular No.-13
    Dated : August 12, 2013
   Launching of eFlowCAC Phase-II
   EDP  Circular No.-12
    Dated : Sept 15, 2011
   Household Project Image Based ICR Form Processing -
    Important Guidelines
   Letter Written to DCOs for CAC
   EDP  Circular No.-11
    Dated : August 30, 2011
   Procedure to Backup and delete files pertaining to House list & NPR    Project
   EDP  Circular No.-10
    Dated : Sept 3, 2011
   Automatic capture of data from the scanned images of NPR ....
   EDP  Circular No.-09
    Dated : June 18, 2011
   Pre-Scanning and Scanning of Households Schedules - Population    Enumeration phase of Census 2011
   Annexure-I and II to EDP Circular NO-9
   Scanning Operation Instruction Manual
   EDP  Circular No.-08
    Dated : Dec 31, 2010
   Installation & operations of Image Based eFlow 4.5 & House list
   Annexure-I to EDP Circular NO-8
   Annexure-II to EDP Circular NO-8
   EDP  Circular No.-07
   Dated : 30-11-2010
   Digitization of Village & Town Directory
   EDP  Circular No.-06
   Dated : August 23, 2010
   Roles and responsibilities for scanning activities for ORGI, DCC &
    EDP Circular No.-05
   Dated : June 14, 2010
   DCO Charge Register: HL and EB wise distribution of NPR &
    House Listing Schedules
   Operational & Instruction Manual
   EDP Circular No.-04
   Dated : April 12, 2010
   Dispatch of filled-in Schedules from Charge Office, procedure of
   receipt of Schedules atData Centres and Pre-Scanning Activities
   EDP Circular No.-03
   Dated : April 12, 2010
   2011 Census & NPR - Computer hardware and Infrastructure items
   in Data Centre
   Annexure - 3
   2011 Census & NPR - Formation of Systems Operation Group
   EDP Circular No.-02
    Dated : September 01, 2010
   Space requirements for storage of houselist ,national population
   register and household shedule data/ scanning center
   Continuation Circular No.- 02
   EDP Circular No.-01
   Dated : November 05, 2008
    Workload, Distribution of Computer hardware equipment and
   related guidelinesfor data centers.
   Continuation Circular No.- 01