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Census Circulars

   Circular No./ Date    Subject    Download
   Census Circular No.-39
   Dated : May 08, 2014
   Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) of Mother Tongue and Other Languages Known (Question Nos. 10 & 11) of Household Schedule–classification of new names
   Census Circular No.-38
   Dated : October 22, 2011
   Instruction for preparation of A – Series Tables
   Census Circular No.-37
   Dated : October 29, 2012
    Scrutiny and Clearance of PCA 2011
   Census Circular No.-36
   Dated : December 19, 2011
   Procedure for coding and classification of unclassifiable / new Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe returns obtained at the Census of India, 2011.
    Annexure (1-2) Pdf Format
   Census Circular No.-35
   Dated : July 05, 2011
   Preparation of Provisional Population Totals paper-2 of 2011, Rural-Urban Distribution for States and Union Territories.
   Census Circular No.-34
   Dated : June 01, 2011
    Scrutiny & Clearance of Houselisting & Housing Tables for Census 2011
    Supplement to Circular No. 34
   Census Circular No.-33
   Dated : April 06, 2011
   Post Enumeration Survey of Population Census – Census of India 2011
    Annexure (1-4) MS Excel Format
   Census Circular No.-32
   Dated : March 04, 2011
    Preparation and Release of Provisional Population Totals - Paper -1 for States/UTs
    Annexure (1-12) MS Excel Format
   Census Circular No.-31
   Dated : February 14, 2011
   Provisional Population Totals- Circular
    PPT Information Flow Diagram
    Annexure (1-7) MS Excel Format
   Census Circular No.-30
   Dated : January 20, 2011
   Establishing Census Help Centers and Census Help Lines - Circular
   Census Circular No.-29
   Dated : January 17, 2011
   Preparation of Maps during Census 2011
   Census Circular No.-28
   Dated : December 3, 2010
   Enumeration of Boat/Ship/Sea going vessels population during
   Census of India 2011- Circular
   Census Circular No.-27
   Dated : Dec 01, 2010
   Population Enumeration – Handling of filled-in Schedules and other documents
   Census Circular No.-26
   Dated : Nov 30, 2010
   Enumeration of Institutional Households during Census 2011
   Census Circular No.-25
   Dated : Nov 29, 2010
   Drafting of the Administration Report for Census 2011
   Census Circular No.-24
   Dated : Nov 19, 2010
   Enumeration of Houseless population during Census of India 2011- Circular
   Census Circular No.-23
   Dated : Oct 12, 2010
   Special efforts to ensure coverage of all settlements/population growths at the
   Census of India 2011
   Census Circular No.-22
   Dated : October 04, 2010
   Training of Census Functionaries and DCO Officials for Population Enumeration
    Phase of Census of India 2011
   Annex-1 TERMS OF REFERENCE    Annex-2 List of NTs, MTFs and Gender MTFs
   Annex-3 Gender Sensitization    Annex-4 List and Contact details of Alliance
   Annex-5 Time-lines for Organizing Training Classes
   Annex-6 Gender Critical Districts/Cities    Correction
   Census Circular No.-21
   Dated : July 12, 2010
   Preparation of the Abridged Houselist
   AHLlast Sheet-English
   Census Circular No.-20
   Dated : July 14, 2010
   Preparation of revised Charge Register for Population Enumeration
   Census Circular No.-19
   Dated : March 8, 2010
   Preparation of Charge Map, Supervisory Circle Map and Layout map for enumerators
   Census Circular No.-18
   Dated : April 27, 2010
   Houselisting Operations – Handling of filled-in Schedules and other documents
   Dispatch instruction of Census material.
   (D O P)
   Instructions regarding Return Despatch of Census material by
   Department of Posts (DOP)