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Socio - Economic And Caste Census - Circulars

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   Dated : April 10, 2013
  Clarification in respect of mismatch between PTG and ST name during verification and correction phase of SECC
   SEC Circular No.-08
   Dated : June 07, 2013
  Providing logistic and technical support for conduct of field - work of SECC in Special Charge EBs other than the strictly military and para - military ones
   SEC Circular No.-07
   Dated : May 06, 2013
  Incorporation of New location codes for updating jurisdictional changes between Census 2011 and SECC
   SEC Circular No.-06
   Dated : April 11, 2013
  Sharing digitized NPR data with CPSUs Conducting the SECC for merging relevent NPR data fields with SECC data.
   SEC Circular No.-05
   Dated : March 26, 2013
  Step - wise approach to reconcile differnces in location codes between HLO, PE, NPR and SECC
   SEC Circular No.-04
   Dated : April 03, 2012
  Correction in tiff the name of NPR images for use in SECC.
   SEC Circular No.-03
   Dated : March 19, 2012
  Security Protocol of NPR images during SECC
   SEC Circular No.-02
   Dated : January 09, 2012
  Field-work and data uploading in a few special situations.
   SEC Circular No.-01
   Dated : December 22, 2011
  Monitoring Field-work and ensure data quality of Socio - Economic and Caste Census - 2011