Houselisting Operation
Col 1: Line Number
Col 2:

Building Number
     (Municipal or local authority or census Number)

Col 3: Census House Number
Col 4: Predominant material of the Floor of the Census House
Col 5: Predominant material of the Wall of the   Census House      
Col 6: Predominant material of the Roof of the   Census House      
Col 7: Ascertain the use of Census House
Col 8: Condition of this Census House          
Col 9:

Household Number

Col 10-12: Total number of persons normally residing in this household (Persons, Males, Females)
Information relating to the head of the household:
Col 13:

Name of the Head of the household

Col 14: Sex
Col 15: If SC (Scheduled Caste) or ST (Scheduled Tribe) or Other?
Only for normal households:
Col 16:

Ownership status of this house?      

Col 17: Number of dwelling rooms with this household (Record 0,1,2,3.)
Col 18: Number of married couple(s) living in this household     (Record 0,1,2,3.)
Col 19:

Number of married couple(s) having       independent room for sleeping
 (Record 0,1,2,3.)

Col 20: Drinking water source (Type)
Col 21: Drinking water source (Availabiltiy)
Col 22:

Source of lighting  

Col 23:

Latrine within the house   

Col 24: Waste water outlet connection
Col 25: Bathroom within the house 
Col 26:

Kitchen within the house     

Col 27: Fuel used for cooking
Col 28: Radio/Transistor
Col 29: Television  
Col 30: Telephone
Col 31: Bicycle 
Col 32: Scooter/ Motor Cycle/ Moped
Col 33: Car/ Jeep/ Van
Col 34: Availing Banking Services
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