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Census Circulars

   Circular No./ Date    Subject Download
   Census Circular No.-17
   Dated : March 3, 2010
   Publicity for Houselisting Operations & NPR during Census of India
   2011 through Radio,Audiovisuals, Posters etc.
   Census Circular No.-16
   Dated : March 3, 2010
   Preparation of District Census Plan
   Census Circular No.-15
   Dated : March 2, 2010
   Duties of the Census Officers
   Census Circular No.-14
   Dated : February 25, 2010
   Responsibilities and duties of the public
   under the Census Act, 1948 and Issue
   of Notification by the State Government/UT Administrations directing the
   public to cooperate in smooth conduct of Census of India 2011
   Census Circular No.-13
   Dated : March 19, 2010
   Preparation of list of villages for each 'Panchayat' of all the districts in a
   State/UT to generate Panchayat-wise Primary Census Abstract (PCA)
   during Census of India 2011   Annexure of Circular No.13
   Census Circular No.12
   Dated : February 15, 2010
   Guidelines for Organising Training Classes for Houselisting Operations
   during Census of India - 2011    State-Wise list of NGO'S    No.of MTS_MTF
   Census Circular No.-11
   Dated : February 4, 2010
   Preparation of Village Register, Town Register and Charge Register for the
   Houselisting Operations.
   Charge Register-10th
   Census Circular No.-10
   Dated : January 28, 2010
   Guidelines for formation of Houselisting Blocks and Housenumbering
   during Houselisting Operations
   Census Circular No.-09
   Dated : January 20, 2010
   Guidelines for use of new census Logo.
   Census Circular No.-08
   Dated : January 20, 2010
   Formation and identification of Slum Enumeration Blocks for Slum
   Census Circular No.-07
   Dated : Nov 23, 2009
   Appointment of Census Officers - Issue of Notifications
   Census Circular No.-06
   Dated : Sept 22, 2009
   Census of India 2011 - Fixing of boundaries of Administrative Units during
   the period of the census operations
   Census Circular No.-05
   Dated : August 21, 2009
   Assigning of Location Code numbers at various Administrative levels
   Office Memorandum
   Census Circular No.-04
   Dated : March 31, 2009
   Compilation of the Village Directory and Town Directory for the District
   Census Handbook (DCHB)    Town Schedules    Village Directory
   Census Circular No.-03
   Dated : November 3, 2008
   Formation of Urban Agglomerations for the 2011 Census
   Census Circular No.-02
   Dated : July 23, 2008
   Rural-Urban Classification for the 2011 Census
   Census Circular No.-01
   Dated : October 18, 2007
   Planning for the 2011 Census - Jurisdictional changes and lists of
   districts,tehsils talukas/ police stations, C.D. Blocks, villages and towns.